Currently Featured at the Tokyo City View Shop: “Iikawa Takehiro’s Mr. Kobayashi, the Pink Cat Now in Roppongi!”

2021.7.30 [Fri]

The event wall in the Tokyo City View Shop is currently featuring goods with the Decoratorcrab - Mr. Kobayashi, the Pink Cat motif, a creation by artist Iikawa Takehiro.

The “Roppongi” series - available for purchase at this Shop only - includes Roppongi Hills original plates, masking tapes, stickers and other decorative objects and visitors who try their luck at the 500-yen, bubble-capsule vending machines might win a “Mr. Kobayashi, the Pink Cat” object.

Upcoming goods to be featured at this event wall include items various artists and collaborative goods under the themes of “Tokyo” and “Roppongi.” Stay tuned!

Event Period
Tuesday, June 1 – Thursday, September 16, 2021
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