Melon and Pistachio Summer Afternoon Tea Set now available

2018.6.14 [Thu]

AfterMOON Tea

THE MOON Lounge is offering a set featuring melon (a standard summer fruit in Japan) and pistachio nut-flavored sweets, as part of their popular “AfterMOON Tea Set.” Pistachios in particular are known as the “queen of nuts,” and are packed with beautifying nutrients.
The vivid green colored confections give this set a refreshing appearance, perfect for the hot summer season. Enjoy the refreshing melon taste and the fragrant nuts used in these sweets.

AfterMOON Tea Set
3,800 yen per person (tax excluded)
Period: June 4 [Mon] - August 31 [Fri], 2018
Hours served: from 14:30 (Last order: 17:00)
* Free drinks available for two hours (Last order for drink: 30 minutes before event ends)
AfterMOON Tea
AfterMOON Tea
AfterMOON Tea

Top plate: Rabbit-shaped wafer cake, baked pistachio cake, pistachio macaron, fresh melon
Middle plate: Pistachio créme de chou, fresh melon and panna cotta, melon tart, Chinese lantern fruit
Bottom plate: Tartine with uncured ham, rice croquette, miniature shrimp quiche, vichyssoise

Open Hours
11:30-23:00 (Last order for food: 22:00 / drink: 22:30)
* Open hours on Fridays, Saturdays, days before holidays: 11:30-25:00 (Last order for food: 22:00 / drink: 24:30)
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