Sebastian Masuda

The latest and the most notable recent works on view

2017.10.20 [Fri] - 11.12 [Sun]

After starting his career in the world of contemporary art and live theater, Sebastian Masuda moved to producing exhibits based on Harajuku’s kawaii (cute) culture in 1995. In addition to his work as an art director in Japan, he has also created art projects and held solo exhibitions in New York and other cities overseas since 2014. His appointment as a 2017 Japan Cultural Envoy sees him currently residing in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he collaborates on exhibits with local artists.

In this exhibition, Masuda showcases the latest piece in his Colorful Rebellion series, made up of reconstructed assortments of contemporary colors and materials. He also shares some of his most notable recent works, including THANK YOU ALL and DAY DREAM, both popular cover designs for the Hobonichi Techo (annual planner) 2017 edition, as well as his soft toy exhibit entitled YOUR BEAR, and Gravity, which is the piece also used for the cover of his book Kakeizu Cutter. This exhibition is a rare and amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with works by Sebastian Masuda, which are seen most often in photo form.

During the exhibition period, original art goods “Sebastian Masuda ART” are on sale at the Roppongi Hills Art & Design Store, next to the gallery.

Opening Party * Closed
Date & Time: 18:00-20:00, 2017.10.20 [Fri]
Venue: Roppongi Hills A/D Gallery
Admission: Free

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