Kawada Ryo figūra falsa

2022.11.11 [Fri] - 11.27 [Sun]

While referring to Western paintings, Kawada Ryo reworks them into familiar motifs to make them lose their meaning, extracting the material aspects of the paintings for his own work.
His artwork drawn on rough canvas in recent years has been attracting attention, characterized by the simple processes and rough brushwork with which they are drawn.

Figūra falsa, the title for this exhibition means an “image of falsehood” in Latin. Kawada will present new works focusing on the theme that he has been working on continuously.

In terms of their Western values, which are a distant removal from my own roots, paintings remain entrenched in art history. By taking a page from symbolic persona, motifs, compositions and some of their individual parts, I rework them into familiar people and things in my own paintings and cause their motifs and backgrounds to lose their meaning, thereby continuing to simplify my own paintings in a way that’s closer to the surface. Through this exhibition, I would like to re-examine what the essence of painting is by putting it into the arena of a simpler context.

Kawada Ryo

On the Artwork Sale

All of the exhibited artworks will be on sale. If interested in purchasing, please inform the staff on site during the period below.

Period: Friday, November 11 - Thursday, November 17, 2022
Hours: 12:00-20:00 * Until 17:00 on the last day
Venue: ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY (3F, Roppongi Hills West Walk)
* The intent of purchase could be made known only at the venue, and won’t be accepted via phone/e-mail.
* If there are multiple offers for a particular work, a lottery drawing will determine the buyer.

Jif (Fakegreen1)
Jif (Fakegreen1)
Oil on canvas
41.0 x 31.8 cm
《untitled (La Naissance de Vénus3)》
untitled (La Naissance de Vénus3)
Oil on canvas
170.0 x 130.4 cm
《Foamed styrol (Sebastianus)》
Foamed styrol (Sebastianus)
Oil on canvas
146.0 x 96.8 cm

Kawada Ryo

Kawada Ryo

1988 Born in Niigata

2015 Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo, BFA

2018 Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, MFA

Currently lives and works in Yokohama.

Solo Exhibitions

USUBOROSU, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
Guise, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
figment, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
Self-portrait, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
Artificial light, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo
Kawada Ryo
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